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11 Foolproof Ways to Save Money on Printer Ink

11 Foolproof Ways to Save Money on Printer Ink

Posted By: John Published: 30/12/2015 Times Read: 154 Comments: 1

Whichever way you look at it, replacing ink cartridges costs a packet – especially for those who use ink on a daily basis. But, with a bit of stinginess and a little thought, it is possible to cut print overheads. So without further ado, here are 11 fool proof ways to save money on printer ink.


Don’t Print At All


Before you press print, ask yourself: do I really need to print this? In a world of e-mail, Dropbox and other cloud-based data services, printing documents is often no longer required. Instead of using your precious ink, select print to PDF and create a high-quality PDF rather than a printout.


Ignore Low-Ink Warnings


If your printer is whinging about being low on ink, ignore it because chances are, the cartridges will still have enough ink to produce hundreds of documents. Only replace your ink cartridges when you see notable drop in quality, or else you risk binning perfectly usable ink.


Don’t Buy the Cheapest Printer


Cut-rate printers may seem a steal, but when it comes to replacing cartridges, they can prove the most expensive to refill. What’s worse, thanks to low-yield and poor performance, you could find yourself buying cartridges more often than you like. Take our advice: spend more on a new printer. 


Use an Eco-Friendly Font


One simple way to reduce ink usage and thus cut costs is to change your default font. Some typefaces require less ink than others, which can save you money in the long term. In fact, some clever folk in Holland have created an eco-friendly font they reckon can save you up to 50% on printer ink. You can find out more about Ecofont, here.


Then, Make it Smaller


Using an eco-friendly font is all well and good, but you can save even more dough by reducing the font size. Most fonts remain legible well under the recommended size, so it makes sense to reduce them to save yourself a couple of quid. If your processor allows it, print two documents per page to save on paper costs too.


Everything Good? Then Hit Print


Check, check and double-check everything you print before you press print. One of the easiest ways to drain your cartridges is to print booboo copies that will simply end up in the recycle bin. Spellcheck text and ensure images are properly edited and cropped before hitting the print button.

Use Draft Mode


If print quality isn’t a priority, draft mode could save you a few pennies on your printing costs. Available in print properties, this option automatically reduces the amount of ink or toner your printer puts to paper. Print quality is impacted, but this could prove a small price to pay for reduced ink use. 


Opt for Discrete Cartridges


Discrete cartridges are standalone cartridges – usually available in black, magenta, cyan and yellow. Compared with traditional tri-colour cartridges, discrete cartridges offer greater flexibility when topping up your printer’s tank, and are often cheaper to buy outright. Check your printer’s manual to find out if it’s compatible with discrete cartridges.


Print In Monochrome


Unless you’re printing colour images or text, it’s often better – and certainly cheaper – to print in monochrome or grey scale. Grey scale uses the black cartridge only, thus saving your coloured ink for when you really need it. Black cartridges are often cheaper to replace than colour, so use grey scale whenever possible.


Sell Your Empties


When you throw cartridges away, you risk polluting the environment with dangerous toxic chemicals – not good. If you needed another reason not to trash your empty cartridges, did you know you could make money from them? Many companies offer monetary hand-outs for used cartridges, so it pays not to throw them in the bin.


Buy Compatible Cartridges from Printhead


Ink cartridges supplied by printer manufacturers can be eye-wateringly expensive – luckily for you, there is an alternative. At Printhead, we offer third-party ink and toner cartridges for a range of printer models – including HP, Brother and Epson. For a fraction of the cost of a standard manufacturer cartridge, you can enjoy high-quality printing with a great yield rate.


To browse our complete range of compatible ink and toner cartridges, visit the Printhead homepage or enter your printer model in the search bar above.


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