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14 Ways Small Businesses Need to Rethink How They Use Ink

14 Ways Small Businesses Need to Rethink How They Use Ink

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Whether invoicing, drawing up contracts or producing business admin, the majority of small businesses use a printer everyday. But with ink prices at an all time high and environmentalists urging people to print less – is it time businesses took a step back and thought about how they use ink in the workplace? Here we’ll discuss fourteen simple ways businesses can print green and save themselves some serious cash in the process.

Ditch Personal Printers

It may be convenient for every member of staff to have their own printer, but it’s certainly not economical – and could be costing you ten times more than it would to operate a single machine. Save the environment and your pocket – ditch personal printers.

Go Digital

In a world where you can save, send and receive files at the touch of a button – is printing that document really necessary? Implementing a cloud-based file-sharing platform into your office will not only curb ink use, it could help keep your files organised too.

Cut Colour

On average, coloured inks can cost up to 15% more than black. If you or your staff regularly print in full colour, remember that stat and stick to black ink only. Coloured inks are also more toxic than black, given the chemical dyes used in production – cut colour and do your bit for the environment.

Use Eco-Ink

Some inks are better for the environment than others, so if you’re feeling green, use eco-ink in your office. Eco-friendly ink is made from all natural products such as vegetables, so it doesn’t harm the environment after it’s disposed of.

Recover Cost

You’ve ran out of ink, took the cartridge from the machine and are about to throw it in the trash. But hold your horses: did you know, you can make money from empty ink cartridges? Lots of companies offer monetary bonuses for used cartridges, so it certainly pays to hold on to your empties.

Encourage Less Printing

Until you actively discourage printing in the work place, your staff will continue hitting Ctrl+P. Politely reminding colleagues to print less is a great way to save money on ink cartridges, and it’ll keep your printer in tip-top shape for longer too.

Demand Draft Mode

Ask staff to switch to draft mode, and you’ll save time and money by reducing ink usage and speeding up the print process. Draft mode essentially uses the minimum amount of ink possible, whilst forgoing a snippet of quality. If you want to squeeze the most from your cartridges, go draft mode.

Maintain Your Machines

No matter laser or inkjet, printers require regular maintenance to keep them operating at to their best. If your business machine is used everyday, chances are it could do with a clean; check out our guides on how to clean a laser printer and how to clean an inkjet printer.

Refill Old Cartridges

When it comes to buying new ink, people assume you need a new cartridge – wrong. Some companies can refill your existing cartridges with fresh ink, and it can often cost considerably less than buying a new cartridge outright – unless of course you buy cheap compatible cartridges from Printhead.

Downsize Default Fonts

If your company has an in-house typeface all staff use, reducing its size could help your cartridges go further. Studies show that by dropping font size by one or two gradients can save an incredible amount of ink – just make sure it’s still legible.

Reduce Resolution

Most printers are set to a resolution of 300px, which offers moderate quality prints at the expense of using more ink. Lowering the resolution will help to lose less ink with minimal drop in quality – and is ideal for printing text documents. You can lower the resolution in print properties.

Print Until You Can Print No More

Ink cartridges are fickle things. One moment you’re printing perfect pages, the next a pop up appears telling you the ink has ran out. Take our advice: ignore these warnings. Most cartridges will have ink enough for hundreds of print-outs, so make sure you continue printing ‘til the bitter end.

Recycle Cartridges Responsibly

When your cartridges do eventually run out, be sure to dispose of them properly. There are a hundreds of recycling centres dotted across the country where you can recycle old cartridges safely – some of which will pay you for the privilege. If you do dispose of them in the standard trash, be sure to seal them first to prevent ink and chemicals escaping.

Switch to Compatible Cartridges

Combining economical yields with impressive performance, compatible ink cartridges are perfect for business use. At Printhead, we have a range of third party, compatible ink cartridges for a number of different business printers. To find a cartridge for your printer, visit the homepage or use the search bar above to select your printer’s manufacturer and model from the dropdown.

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