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16 Creative Ways to Use Printer Ink

16 Creative Ways to Use Printer Ink

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Ink is exciting, don’t you think? Developed thousands of years ago, humans have used ink throughout the ages as a form of communication, instruction and personal expression. But in a world growing more reliant on digital tech, how relevant is ink in the modern world and can it endure the onslaught of emerging technologies?

The majority of ink used today fuels our printers; allowing us to produce documents, images and other unexciting stuff at the touch of a button. But did you know printer ink can be used to create all kinds of other things, too? From temporary tattoos to personalised place-mats, conventional printer ink is capable of producing some truly exciting stuff – stuff that could help keep ink in vogue.

Here, we provide 16 creative ways to use printer ink.

Create a Pin Hole Camera

Budding photographer? Show off your creative credentials with a DIY pinhole camera. Capable of capturing arty images on standard 35mm film, the printable pinhole camera is simple to make and can be downloaded for free, here.

Print Childhood Board Games

If you’re pining after days spent thrashing your siblings at classic board games, why not print your own games and relive the glory of victory? There are a number of printable board games on the WWW, including monopoly, snakes & ladders and chess.

Build a Toy Town for Your Kids

The summer holidays are fast approaching, sending many parents into a panic about how to keep the kids entertained for six long weeks. If your children are car mad, why not build them a toy town? Hours of fun, guaranteed.

Print Personalised Wrapping Paper

Tired of paying through the nose for gift-wrap? You and me both. The next time you give a gift, why not save those pennies and print your own personalised wrapping paper. The recipient will appreciate the extra effort – and so will your wallet.

Construct Cool Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes are a procrastination staple across the globe, but if you’re tired of flinging the same old aircraft – print yourself an advanced template and watch your creation cruise faster, higher and further than ever before. You can download paper airplane templates, here.

DIY Bunting

Whether decorating a venue for a special event or adding an extra touch to our homes, us Brits love bunting. Instead of buying bunting, why not make your own? It’s dead easy to do, and will give your home a personal touch. Here’s how it’s done.

Make a Fun Colouring Book

These days, classic colouring books are hard to come-by, but they still provide hours of fun for youngsters. The web is chock-a-block with downloadable colouring pages to suit a plethora of interests – you’ll find loads to download, here.

Design a Paper Candleholder

Paper may not sound the safest material for use as a candle-holder, but it does produce a rather charming glow. Print a design on to a paper such as vellum, and you can enjoy candlelight like never before.

Stock Up On Useful Paper

If you regularly use graph, music or lined paper – don’t waste any more money buying specialist pads. Instead, browse the web for the paper you need and print it at home using regular plain paper. The Internet has pretty much every paper you could think of, available to download and print when you need it.

Print Puzzles

Instead of dusting down the puzzles you've completed dozens of times before, take to the airwaves and find a new puzzle you can print at home for free. Printable puzzles work best if you use thick paper or card, and are ideal for whiling away a rainy a day.

Design Your Own T-Shirt

Back when printers were in their prime, t-shirt transferring was hailed as the next big thing. In fact, if you didn’t have a DIY t-shirt, you were intensely uncool. Though making your own t-shirt may sound an odd concept to generation Y, it’s still a fun way to pass the time. Here’s how to print your own t-shirt using iron-on transfers.

Throwing a Party? Make Personalised Napkins

If you’re a stickler for detail and enjoy throwing a shindig or two, give your party a professional touch with personalised napkins. Making personalised napkins at home is pretty straightforward, and will give your dinner party the edge over the competition. Here’s a guide on how to make personalised napkins using your home printer.

Get Inked with Temporary Tattoos

You may have branded temporary tattoos a childish fad, but they’re actually really useful – particularly for those considering getting permanently inked. Temporary tattoo paper is available to buy (here)for a paltry amount, and it can be used to print any tattoo design you like. Pretty good, eh?

Get Crafty

Craft lovers rejoice: the Internet is packed with crafty knick-knacks you can download and print for free from your home printer. From DIY gift boxes to personalised greetings cards, you’ll find a whole host of free craft resources online that are free to access and print at your leisure.

Print Your Own (Monopoly) Money

That’s right, if you need to top up your fictional bank account to buy Leicester Square or Marylebone Station, you can now print official Monopoly currency from your home printer – for free. Download and print Monopoly money, here.

Improve Your Internet Connection with a DIY Wi-FI Antenna

In this day and age, there’s no need to live with a dodgy Wi-Fi reception; nor is there reason to fork out for a pricey signal booster. Instead, print a DIY Wi-Fi antenna for your router and enjoy a faster Internet connection for free. For full instructions on how to do just that, click here.

With so many fun, free printer projects to keep you busy – you’ll need fresh ink in no time. At Printhead, our cheap compatible ink cartridges can help you top up your printer for less. To find third party ink cartridges for your printer, visit the Printhead homepage today.

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