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5 Free Printing Apps You Need In Your Life

5 Free Printing Apps You Need In Your Life

Posted By: John Published: 30/12/2015 Times Read: 136 Comments: 0
Do you remember when a cable was required to send documents from a computer to a printer? Or when you had to use a CD-ROM to pair your printer with your PC? You should - it wasn’t that long ago.

Yet, thanks to the invention of wireless internet, the way in which documents are sent to a printer has undergone huge changes in just a few years. With Wi-Fi, it’s now possible to send photos and documents wirelessly from a computer to a printer, making it easier than ever to print exactly what you want, when you want it.

Recently, the popularity of mobile devices has risen astronomically, with many choosing to surf the web and view documents on their smartphone or tablet rather than switch on the PC. But what does this mean for printing, and how effective is it to send files to your printer via a smartphone or tablet? We’re here to find out, by taking a look at 5 of the best free printing apps you need in your life. 


HP Printer Control


Never ones to shy from innovation, HP were one of the first printer manufacturer’s to adopt mobile apps as a way of helping people connect with their printer, regardless of what device they’re using. They created HP Printer Control, an intuitive tool that allows users to print documents and photos directly from their smartphone or tablet. Through Printer Control, it’s also possible to scan documents simply by using your phone’ s camera, making it great for those on the go. The app connects to most wifi enabled HP printer models, and is available for iOS and Android.


You can download the HP Print Control app, here.


Print Jinni Mobile Printing App


Unlike HP, some printer brands are yet to release a mobile app that allows users to print directly from their mobile device; enter Print jinni, a brilliant, free-app which lets you print wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet to any wireless enabled printer. This clever tool scans your network for wireless printers, allowing you to connect and print from them regardless of their manufacturer. With its simple, no nonsense interface, this third-party printer app makes it a doddle to print apps from your mobile, and includes a useful print preview tool for Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents. Sadly, the app is currently only available for iOS devices, but an Android version should be released soon.


You can download the Print Jinni app, here.


Brother iPrint&Scan


Those with a Brother wireless printer can now print documents, images, web pages and e-mails directly from their Android smartphone or tablet thanks to Brother’s intuitive new app, iPrint&Scan.Featuring an intuitive, simple to use interface and fool-proof, step by step instructions, iPrint & Scan makes it incredibly easy to print documents fromyour Android mobile device. The app lets you scan, save and print images and documents using your device’s on board camera – brilliant for those who don’town a scanner. With no computer and drivers required, iPrint&Scan lets yousend print jobs directly to a range of Brother machines – even if you aren't at home. Brother’s app is currently only available for Android devices.


You can download the Brother iPrint & Scan app, here.


PrinterShare Mobile Print


Like PrintJinni, Printershare provides a platform from which to send documents and images to a printer, regardless o fthe machine’s manufacturer. Connecting users directly to any compatible wireless printer on the network, Printer share lets you print a range of documents and images directly from your mobile device, including e-mails,contact lists, and MMS files. The app is also capable of accessing your device’s SD or memory card, so there’s no need for a separate card reader. One of the app’s biggest selling points is that, provided you’re connected to a wireless network, you can connect to nearby wireless enabled printers – perfect for those on the move.


You can download the Printer Share Mobile Printapp, here.


Print Hammermill


Paper production firm Hammermill made an unexpected venture into print technology when it introduced its brilliant free mobile print app, Print Hammermill. Enabling users to print directly from their mobile device via wireless, Bluetooth or USB connectivity, Print Hammermill is unique in that it contains no in-app purchases – it is and always will be completely free. Provided it is compatible, the Print Hammermill app is able to connect to virtually any printer model, regardless of its manufacturer.  Currently, Print Hammermill is only available for Android devices, but an iOS version could be on its way soon.


You can download the Print Hammermill app, here.


With mobile printing apps making it easier to print images and documents directly from your mobile device, your printer’s ink or toner could run out faster than you think. Printhead have a huge range of compatible ink and toner cartridges for a range of printer manufacturers, so why not stock up on affordable ink and toner 


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