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7 Ways to Make Your Printing Habits at Home More Eco-Friendly

7 Ways to Make Your Printing Habits at Home More Eco-Friendly

Posted By: John Published: 30/12/2015 Times Read: 178 Comments: 0

Some environmentalists will tell you using a home printer is harmful, destructive and downright reprehensible, but the truth is – the majority of us have to use a printer from time to time. That said, home printing can be conducted in an ecological and environmentally friendly way – provided you know how. Here, we discuss 7 ways to make your home printing habits more eco-friendly. 

1. Buy an Energy Efficient Printer

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of all new technologies, and the same can certainly be said of printers. Since their invention, printers have come along in leaps and bounds in terms of efficiency and performance, and now use less energy than ever before.

If you’re in the market for a new, eco-friendly printer, look out for machines that feature the Energy Star logo.

2. Use Recycled Paper

Paper is a commodity us humans go through at an astounding rate – and this is putting a real strain on our trees. To slow the needless felling of our forests, make sure you use recycled paper wherever possible when printing at home. You can buy 100% recycled printer paper cheaply online.

3. Recycle Cartridges Responsibly

Ink and toner cartridges contain harmful toxic chemicals that spell real trouble for the environment. That’s why, it’s important to recycle empty cartridges responsibly. There are several companies out there that recycle cartridges – some of which will even offer cash back and monetary bonuses for doing so. If it’s not possible to recycle, be sure to seal cartridges before disposal.  

4. Don’t Waste Ink & Paper

We’ve all been there – you print a document only to find a typo or mistake staring you in the face. The result? A sheet of paper and a few millilitres of valuable ink wasted. To avoid wasting paper and ink in this way, be sure to thoroughly proofread all documents before hitting CTRL+P.

5. Reduce Ink, Toner & Energy Consumption with Draft Mode

Unless you’re printing high-quality photographs, your printer will perform perfectly well in draft mode. As it applies less ink to a page, draft mode speeds up the pace of your printer –saving you energy and ink in the process.

6. Think Before You Print

In a world where you can share documents, images and music at the touch of a button, ask yourself – do I really need to print this? Nine times out of ten, the answer will be no, and you’ll have saved yourself wasting precious paper and ink. If you do need to print, remember point four.

7. Turn it Off, Right Off

The perils of leaving the TV on standby are well documented, but what about printers? Energy advisers unanimously agree that leaving any electrical appliance on standby will consume a significant amount of energy, so when it comes to turning your printer off – make sure it’s right off.

Now you’re an expert in eco-friendly printing, why not invest in some affordable, compatible cartridges? At Printhead, we stock third-party ink and toner cartridges for a range of printer models, so you can save money and energy each time you print. Use the search bar above to find a cartridge that’s compatible with your machine, or contact the Printhead team to day on 0845 5195405.


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