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Convert DTS to AC3 the easy way (SOLVED)

Convert DTS to AC3 the easy way (SOLVED)

Posted By: John Published: 13/06/2017 Times Read: 124 Comments: 1

Convert DTS to AC3 the easy way

It would seem some people are having a lot of trouble converting DTS audio to AC3 audio. So I thought I would try and help. If you follow this simple guide you will see it is not only easy but in-fact very quick, and in no time at all you can convert to AC3 and inject the file back into your movie, allowing you to enjoy your movie on devices that don't support DTS.

The tools/software you will need:

Windows PC

Tranzcode 0.04 beta

EncWAVtoAC3 5.5

less than 10 minutes to complete.

Tranzcode 0.04 beta

Download and extract Tranzcode 0.04 beta then double click TranzGUI.exe

Choose 6 Mono WAV ( I am going assume you are converting the audio from a movie)

Now add your DTS file (I am using "Test_DTS_Audio.dts" size is 1.41GB) and create a folder on your desktop and name it "Output" then direct TranzGUI  to the output file and then click run.

This will now convert and split the DTS file into the 6 (C, FL, FR, LFE, SL and SR) WAV files.

Each WAV file will be the same size as the original DTS file (In my case 1.41GB) so we now have 6 x 1.41GB files so make sure you have sufficient hard disk space before you start this process.

Now you can close TranzGUI

EncWAVtoAC3 5.5

Install EncWAVtoAC3 5.5 and run the program

Click MUX Wizard

Make sure you tick the +LFE box

Now add each of the file you saved WAV files to there respective locations.

Click ok

Click Yes

Make sure you change to output location (I used the Desktop) then click Encode


And that's it just wait a few minutes an you will have your 6 channel AC3 file ready it inject into your movie. 

In my case the final file size was 429MB and took less than 10 minutes to complete.


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