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Do You Know You Can Print Your Own Stamps at Home?

Do You Know You Can Print Your Own Stamps at Home?

Posted By: John Published: 30/12/2015 Times Read: 166 Comments: 0
You’ve penned the perfect letter, sealed it in a crisp, white envelope and written the recipient’s address in fool-proof block capitals on the front. Now, all you need is a stamp.
But, you don’t have any. The solution? Drive to the nearest post office, join the back of the queue, and buy one.
But wait: what if there’s another way? What if you could print your own stamp at home, without taking one step out the door? Well now you can, thanks to the Royal Mail’s Online Postage system.
Using your home computer and printer, it’s now possible to buy stamps and postage labels for a range of letters and parcels – before printing them at your leisure. The system is great news for those who regularly send letters and parcels, as it means no more unnecessary trips to the Post Office, and no more waiting to send those precious letters.

But how does it work?

Royal Mail claim customers will be able to print postage directly on to an envelope simply by loading one into their home printer. Currently, the system supports most conventional envelope sizes, and provides instructions on how to load each into a printer to ensure the postage is printed in the correct place. If your envelope isn’t compatible with those listed on the Royal Mail website, it’s still possible to print stamps or postage labels, but you’ll need to affix it to your envelope manually.
To pay for stamps and postage online, customers will need to create a Royal Mail account and top it up to begin printing postage at home. Once this is done, you’ll be guided through the Online Postage system, which allows you choose from a range of postage options and select the appropriate envelope and paper size for your stamp or label.
The best thing about Royal Mail’s latest online postage system is that it doesn’t require a specialist printer or specialist paper in order to produce stamps and postage. The system is designed to allow postage to be printed from most conventional printers, including inkjet, laser and LED machines.
This technology looks set to change the way in which people send letters, with thousands already using the service to buy and print stamps and postage labels.

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