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5 Tips to Help Students Save Money on Printing

5 Tips to Help Students Save Money on Printing

Posted By: John Published: 30/12/2015 Times Read: 195 Comments: 0

It’s that time of year when thousands of teens and twenty some things fly the nest and leave their mums sobbing at the front gate whilst they hotfoot it to university. In the first couple of weeks of term, we doubt many scholars set much store by their diminishing student loan - but by mid-October, when the first deadlines are approaching and bank accounts are looking scant, this is a whole other story.

Whilst we don’t pretend to be experts in personal finance, we do know a thing or two about saving money on printing — arguably the most annoying overhead faced by today’s students.

So without further ado, here are 5 tips to help students save money on printing.

Share the Cost

If your parents haven’t treated you to a printer but you don’t fancy trekking to the library each time you have an essay to hand-in — why not club together and buy a printer with your flatmates? Investing in a communal printer is a practical and affordable way to get past the printer problem, and it should only cost you about a tenner each if you opt for the right model.

Buy a Printer with the Lowest Running Costs

Before blowing £40 of your bursary on a bargain bin printer, it’s important to consider the on-going running costs of a particular machine. While the initial purchase price of some printers may be attractively low, poor output and pricey replacement cartridges could quickly undo any savings you've made. To ensure good economy, opt for a printer with cost-effective running costs and a low-price tag.

Opt for Compatible Cartridges

OEM(original equipment manufacturers) print cartridges can be eye wateringly expensive, so it’s within a student’s best interest to make the switch to compatibles. These cartridges are manufactured by a third-party, and offer considerable savings compared to the cost of an OEM alternative. If you’re interested in switching to compatibles, enter your printer model in the search bar above to find out how much you could save.

Sell Your Old Cartridges

Recycling spent printer cartridges is big business, and there are hundreds of companies looking to make a profit from collecting and recycling your empty cartridges. Some companies are so keen on acquiring your empties, they’ll offer cash incentives or vouchers for them — something which can lead to a sizeable reimbursement for every cartridge you sell.

Buy Printer Paper Online

Although it can be tempting to buy printer paper from the nearby student union, chances are, you’ll get heavily ripped for doing so. Most high street paper vendors (think Staples, WHSmith and Rymans) also charge over-the-odds for paper because they know it’s likely an emergency purchase. Buy printer paper on-line however, and you stand to make sizeable savings. Just make sure you get your order in way ahead of hand-in day.

If you have own your printer and would prefer not to spend a quarter of your student loan replenishing its ink or toner reserves, our affordable compatible cartridges offer a cost-effective alternative. To find compatible cartridges for your machine, visit the Printhead homepage, use the drop-down menu above, or call us on 0845 5195405.


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