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5 Useful Tips to Help You Choose the Right Office Printer

5 Useful Tips to Help You Choose the Right Office Printer

Posted By: John Published: 30/12/2015 Times Read: 136 Comments: 0

You've found an office, filled it with desks and are ready to set forth on the rocky road of business. But what’s missing – staff? Chairs? A friendly office pooch? Whilst these would make excellent additions to any office, what you’re really lacking is a dependable printer you and your colleagues can rely on everyday.

To help you find one, here’s 5 useful tips on choosing the right printer for your business.

Cheap Doesn't Always Mean Cheap


If you’re in the market for a business printer, it can be tempting to filter results by price and opt for the cheapest model. Don’t. Why? Whilst the initial purchase price may be attractively low, in the long run, shoddy performance andoutput will dwarf whatever savings you originally made. Instead, flash the cash and invest in a pricey printer that will give you years of dependable service and cost effective output.


Inkjet or Laser? It’s Time to Choose


The world of printers is a perplexing place for the uninitiated, so it pays to do your research before settling on a printer that’s right for you and your organisation. Cruise the web or stroll the printer section of your local computer store long enough, and you’ll notice there are two main types of printer – inkjet and laser.


The main difference between laser and inkjet machines is that one uses toner whilst the other uses ink. Traditionally, laser machines are favoured by businesses thanks to their speed and performance, but some inkjets are worth considering too. For further help on the inkjet vs. laser debate, check out our inkjet and laser printer comparison guide.


Cartridge Costs – Know What You’re Likely to Pay


Like a car, printers come with several ongoing overheads – not least the cost of replacing ink and toner cartridges. To determine roughly how much you’re likely to spend on cartridges, it’s important to consider how often you and your team will be using the machine. For some businesses, cartridges can be an unobtrusive extra cost, whilst for others, they can prove a nasty overhead capable of consuming a large swathe of your monthly profit margin.

To help reduce the cost of replacement cartridges for your business, why not switch to compatible, third party cartridges? They’re notably cheaper than OEM(original equipment manufacturer) cartridges and offer the same great results,making them an excellent choice for those looking to save on the cost of printing.


Duplex or Non-Duplex? That Is The Question


If we were to sit and list the many advantages of duplex printing, we’d need a whole new blog post, but for the sake of speed (and not wanting to bore you half to death) we’ll stick to the key benefits. Firstly, duplex makes it possible to print on two sides of a sheet of paper, thus reducing your paper usage – a big tick for the environmentally conscious. Secondly, duplex could actually save you money, given the fact you’ll be using 50% less paper compared to non-duplex printing.


If duplex printing is something you’d like to take advantage of, opt for a business printer that allows automatic duplex printing.

Match the Printer to the Office


There’s an age old saying that bigger is best, but when it comes to printers, that simply isn't true. Whilst business printers tend to be three or four times larger than a standard domestic machine, there’s little reason – aside from overall usage – why you need to invest in a monstrous business printer for your office. For small businesses with few staff, a compact, high-performance machine could easily handle the volume of documents sent to print.


For more tips on business printer use,including ways to make your print habits more eco-friendly and advice on how tocurb print costs, check out the rest of the Printhead blog.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in buying cheap compatible ink cartridges you’re your business printer, visit the Printhead homepage.


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