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How to Install Compatible Ink Cartridges

How to Install Compatible Ink Cartridges

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Compatible ink cartridges are a cost effective way to save money on printer costs. Fitted with a modern connection chip, these third-party alternatives are compatible with a range of printer manufacturers and models – providing great results for a fraction of the cost of a standard cartridge.

Sadly, consumers remain dubious about the quality and reliability of compatible cartridges – despite being manufactured to an exceptionally high standard. One of the main areas of concern for those considering purchasing compatible cartridges is how easy they’ll be to install in a home printer.

To shed light on just how easy this process is – here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install compatible ink cartridges into your printer.


Installing Compatible Ink Cartridges

The only difference between an OEM cartridge (produced by the original equipment manufacturer) and a third-party compatible cartridge is the logo, ink formula and cost. Thus, you install a compatible cartridge in exactly the same way you would an OEM cartridge – here’s how to do just that in a few easy steps.

1. Turn on the printer

Ignoring everything you’ve been taught about electrical appliances, you must turn on the printer to install new cartridges.

2. Open the printer cover

The printer cover is a hinged door protecting the machine’s internal components. If you’re struggling to open the cover, refer to your printer’s manual or setup guide.

3. Locate the ink cartridge cradle

If your printer is switched on when you open the cover, the cartridge cradle should automatically move to a convenient position for the user to access the cartridges (this can be in the middle or to the side depending on your printer). Wait for the cradle to stop moving before removing or installing cartridges.

4. Remove old/ empty cartridges

Before you install new cartridges, obviously you’ll have to remove any empty cartridges from the printer. To do that, press down lightly on the cartridge latch and slide the cartridge out. Cartridge release latches differ on every printer; refer to the manual if you’re having problems removing old cartridges. Remember to dispose or recycle used cartridges responsibly.

5. Remove packaging from the new compatible cartridge

Purchase compatible ink cartridges from Printhead, and the unit will be supplied in various degrees of packaging. Remove all packaging before installation, including the plastic covering the print head.

6. Install the cartridge

Ensuring the protective tape covering the print head is removed, hold the cartridge so the electronic contact is facing the machine and slide into the cartridge cradle and press down; you should hear a sharp click or snap, indicating the cartridge is secure.

7. Close the printer cover

Once you’re happy the cartridge is secure within the cradle, close the printer cover and run any alignment tests as recommended by your printer manufacturer. You’re all done.

That wasn't so bad now, was it? For more helpful hints and tips on printer and ink cartridge maintenance, be sure to check out the rest of the Printhead blog.

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